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About Us


high quality. innovative technology. ultimate portability.

bluwire carries the latest technology for people on the go. Always ahead of the trend, it is the place to find the latest mobility and audio accessories. Our retail stores are located across the US, in some of the world’s busiest airports.  Bluwire has expanded into casinos, malls and online to better serve our customers. 

Founded in 2008, the company takes a progressive approach to its buying platform.  We travel the world to find the best products for our in-line and online stores. The company understands that electronics are not just about productivity, but about fashion and image.  

Aficionados of wireless, our stores carry the finest wireless accessories from all over the world. Bluwire stays ahead of trends, by working closely with its suppliers and global technology partners to evaluate the most cutting-edge products.

We encourage our staff to tap into their passion as technophile to educate customers about new products and technology.

We challenge you to discover a finer collection of wireless needs.